beautiful days

i’m listening to two snoring dogs and grateful i have a few moments without a cold, wet nose nudging my arm for pets.  i love them but damn….nonstop.  especially when i’m trying to get work done.


the weather has been amazing lately with no rain.  today, however, is supposed to be the start of a major heatwave.  it was blatantly obvious while at target yesterday and the fan section was quite bare.  i lucked out and got one that was freshly stocked.  it will be my only source of comfort these days as most places do not have a/c.

i was out running errands yesterday when i noticed a beautiful, unobstructed view of mt hood.  it’s rare to see it due to the constant clouds present.  i forgot to take my camera with me when i went to pick lee up from the hospital but did manage to capture a grainy pic with my iphone.  notice the snow on it.

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