first full day in pdx…

barely slept last night and woke up to the yellow lab jumping onto the blow up bed with me. bad habit but it was really cute.  cannot wait to unpack my suitcases as i have no idea where anything is.  hopefully i can tackle that this weekend…

exhaustion set in today with the feeling of fighting a cold again.  i’m sure the freezing rainy weather hasn’t helped.  meltdown ensued.  plans changed for the day but it turned out for the best anyway.

we went downtown to explore the food cart phenomena that has taken over portland.  love.  love.  love it.  they are lined up in various parking lots with every type of food you could ever imagine.  dangerous.

we went in search of one cart in particular.  the most dangerous of them all.  big-ass sandwiches.  that’s the name of it.  perfect description too.  they put hand-cut fries ON THE SANDWICH.  with the most delicious bechamel cheese sauce on it.  i think i died.  we got roast beef, cheese sauces and fries on a fresh ciabatta roll.  we passed it back and forth and it was gone in a matter of minutes.  insanity.

we then went in search of the dump truck featuring homemade dumplings for my sister.  they even had bacon cheeseburger dumplings.  i tasted it and it indeed tastes like a bacon cheeseburger.  
we were stuffed and miserable after that…i tried to rest after getting home but the dogs kept getting in my face trying to get attention.  

hours later and after much discussion we picked a vietnamese bistro for dinner.  pretty damn good.  of course the sun finally came out while we were eating.  here is lee (my sister) digging on some cilantro.

got fro-yo again and stopped in new seasons which is the gelson’s of portland.  

really hoping to sleep tonight.  

tomorrow i’ve got to find my external hard drive cords so i can back up my laptop.  need to dump some stuff so i can upload new pics.  getting behind….

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