day 9: oregon —> portland

didn’t sleep well…again…but i was ready to get out of the hotel.  packed up, loaded the car and left.  the drive felt like it took forever.  luckily it was great scenery to look at because i don’t think i could have taken another idaho.  i swear the last 2 hours felt like 5 days though.  of course there was road work consistently throughout the state which majorly slowed me down.  was happy to finally see mt hood and some falls and then the drive through town to my sister’s place.

only unloaded a couple of things.  have so much shuffling to do around her place to make room.  another person plus another person’s stuff on top of what was already here and her 2 big dogs = not much room.  we’ll make it work though.  she won’t be here all the time and it will be just me and her pups.

the crazy pups were excited upon the arrival.  lots of pets (and fur) later, i was still being bombarded with dogs in my face.

we walked to a place in the neighborhood called salvador molly’s for happy hour and $2 bite night.  it was  delicious and we had entirely too much food.  the artichoke and cotija cheese tamale was my fave.

we walked around some more and ended up at korkage wine shop’s wine tasting.  went to the food co-op and looked around and headed back to the house.

decided to go get some fro-yo at a new place.  the you serve it, fix it and weigh it type place.  peanut butter flavor was f-ing yum.

then went to my new fave store, fred meyer, where you can buy anything and everything you need and don’t need.  can’t get over how nice people are here.  i’m not used to smiling faces and hello’s.  where are all the middle fingers and overly botoxed peeps?  must…learn…to…smile…more…

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