day 8: utah, idaho & oregon

are we there yet?!

exhaustion is setting in….well that, and dirty clothes.  i feel like i’m fighting a cold.  could it be going from 108 degree weather to being in the 40′s tonight?  or too much A/C in hotel rooms?  or just hotel rooms and random interstate stops?  who knows…  must…fight…it…

left cloudy salt lake city around 10am today and headed north through utah.  lots of traffic and construction work and it looked like any city USA.  drove through cities like brigham city and ogden.  nothing too exciting to speak of.  lots of green grassy mountains.  and sheep.

left utah and entered idaho.  the 12th state on this trip.  idaho was desolate.  miles and miles of mountains, bushes and trees.  no exits and not many cars.  stopped for lunch in jerome, idaho.  stopped at one of the few places to eat – mcdonald’s.  and they thought i was crazy for ordering a cheeseburger without the meat.

idaho is full of farms – cows, horses and potatoes.  i have to say that it has been my least fave state.  b-o-r-i-n-g.  well at least to drive through.

decided to keep driving and pass boise so that the drive on the last day (tomorrow) wasn’t so long.  drove 7 hours plus several stops = long day in the car.

finally hit OREGON!  and gained another hour.  so happy to be back on pacific time.  the drive through oregon was amazing.  beautiful mountains and curvy roads.

decided to stop in the small town of baker city, oregon.  small town in the middle of many snow-capped mountains.  everyone is nice and friendly and helpful.  they have completely restored the downtown area which i love.  got a room at the best western sunridge inn with a patio and a view of the mountains.  the weather is fantastic and cool.

walked over to the chamber of commerce office and asked about the town and got dinner recommendations.  drove around awhile and then headed to paizano’s pizza.  locally owned by a vegetarian who hand makes everything.  it was delicious.  stopped by albertson’s (oh how i’ve missed you) to get some snacks and cold preventions supplies and got gas…  for the millionth time.  i completely forgot that it’s the law that you can’t pump your own gas until i saw a pretty blonde girl come out to the car to do it for me.  nice…. i could get used to that.

now back to the room to try to make some order out of my suitcases.

like i said, are we there yet?

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