Monthly Archives: July 2010

100 years

100. 100 years. that is how old my grandfather would be today if he were still alive. he died in 1976 when i was 13 months old. needless to say, i do not remember him but i wish i did. happy birthday hww, sr. here he was back in the day.

i love you portland.

for people that do things like this:

department of no moving lines

i’ve been studying the oregon handbook in order to get my oregon license. i believe it might be my least favorite thing to do.  or one of them. i hate the dmv. i mean, HATE the dmv. i remembering studying for the california one after being told that it was notoriously hard. and it was. […]

loving this song…

“Dear Julia” by John Epperly


dreams. strange dreams. even though i’ve been out of school for, um, quite some time i still have dreams about it. usually it’s i can’t remember my combination to my locker or i do not think i have enough credits to graduate and i cannot find any of my professors to help me figure out […]

element75 jewelry featured on a blog

one of my element75 bracelets was just featured on a blog today. it’s called Hundy & Undy – decor & fashions under $100. pretty cool concept so go check it out!


i walked along the waterfront today and ended up by the salmon street springs.  i couldn’t help but stop and watch the kids play. as i turned back while walking away, i saw a rainbow…

smallest park in the world

revisiting my love of the website roadside america, i decided to check out the “world’s smallest park” according to the guinness book of world records. it happens to be located right here in portland and apparently i’ve passed it several dozen times since i’ve been here. if you blink, you’ll miss it. from the looks […]


there is some relief with the heat.  it’s 11:33pm and it’s finally cooling off. tomorrow should be much better and i couldn’t be more happy about it. i walked through the farmer’s market today but did not spend too much time there. it was packed and as crazy as it sounds, i was lacking patience. […]

enough with the heat

the weather has been great lately….. until today. i believe the high was 94 and the same for tomorrow. can’t wait. it’s one thing to be that hot. it’s another thing to be that hot with no air conditioning. the fans just blow hot air like a convection oven. wtf?! it’s 6:23pm now and it’s […]