day 6: monday…i’m getting behind

woke up in denver. beautiful skies. checked out of the hotel (another hampton inn) and headed to the denver botanic gardens.

it was quite impressive being in the middle of the city and all. they have a special exhibit going on with 20 of henry moore’s sculptures on loan. very neat to see but not to touch. i accidentally leaned against one and i swear i have third degree burns.

it was extremely hot that day. i mean…HOT. i wear massive amounts of sunscreen on a daily basis and i still got burned. especially my scalp. that should be fantastic in about 3-5 days when it starts peeling.  it was worth it though…

went to einstein bagels to get a sandwich for the road. i might possibly have been more impressed with the bagel shop than the gardens. yum. but maybe that is after having had hotel bagels this week?

left denver with a bit of sadness. fantastic town with an interesting mix of people.

headed to cheyenne, wyoming. the gps decided to try to take me on some crazy route so i had to re-route it back to the main road.

arrived in cheyenne and headed to their downtown train depot.  two sweet old men said i could park illegally and they would watch my car.

they have these enormous 8 foot tall boots around town that artists design.

left cheyenne and headed west in wyoming. lots of farm land….

beautiful snowy mountains…

passed the continental divide twice.
lots of rocks…
arrived in rock springs, wyoming. not as interesting as all of the websites made it seem but that was to be expected. drove around town looking for a particular restaurant but the area was desolate and only a couple of people were in there so headed back to the hotel area.
the only “real” restaurants in town were, um, applebees and golden corral.  choose applebees and there was a wait.  interesting mix of people. about half of the people had snooki’s (from jersey shore) hair and most were in pajamas. suddenly i felt overdressed. decided to make the best of it….or at least try. they ran out of ice so the drinks were hot. brought my salad and had no silverware for 20 minutes. food was less than mediocre.  oh well…not the last meal..
the sunset was amazing…

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