day 3: louisville, indiana, illinois, st louis, columbia…

louisville, KY. day 3 began with continental breakfast with an enormous group of square dancing old people at the hotel. they were on a trip to louisville for a competition and were from NC.

left louisville before 10am. crossed the ohio river and were immediately in indiana.

all i can say is: cornfields. lots and lots of cornfields. passed through the hoosier national forest but didn’t stop. passed a town called santa claus, indiana but didn’t stop.

hit illinois and there were more cornfields. stopped and had lunch in mt vernon, illinois.  it was interesting to say the least. i was stuck in the bathroom with a 75 year old woman with her permed hair pulled back in an 80′s banana clip and an enormous yellow gold ($) dollar sign pendant.  and in a tank top. she commented that the restaurant was too small for all of “them peoples”. it was packed and who knew that people sported mullets in the midwest??

drove on to st louis, MO. found parking after driving up and down the most bumpy cobblestone streets i’ve ever seen. cute area though.

hiked to the arch with the other tourists in the blazing hot sun.

took tons of photos and waited through security which was stricter than an airport.  it took you down this ramp that went underground underneath the arch.  it was packed with people and a huge wait to take the tram to the top.  hours.  walked around, took pics, visited the gift shop and went back above ground.  went down to the waterfront which was completely flooded.  all the sidewalks were underwater.

cool area and glad i went.  hiked back to the car and headed out of town.

drove to columbia, MO which is a small college town.  felt chapel hill-ish which was nice.

walked around and ate at a fantastic restaurant called addison’s. walked around some more and looked at the columns.

it was soooo hot – still 97 degrees at 8pm. i got more vitamin d in this town than i have in a long time….

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